Client Services

Koch Davis understands the challenges businesses face when sourcing quality candidates

With constantly moving and evolving targets, businesses demand that candidates bring with them the talent required to not only deliver on expectations, but also the ancillary qualities upon which can be capitalized for growth ad future development.

Koch Davis utilizes a proprietary methodology to discover the talented candidates required to sustain the expectations our clients have of us to resolve their placement needs. Maintaining a fresh, bright candidate pool from which to glean the appropriate people for those placements means that Koch Davis is always looking and ever vigilant.

The Koch Davis-selected candidate will have been vetted through each process in the candidate pool. Each client is sourced, matched, screened, interviewed and filtered, all before our clients even know that the candidate exists. Under special and / or timely circumstances we will interrupt the vetting process to allow the client a more involved perspective to allow for even more rapid processing so that the client and the candidate can begin to get a sense of expectations. The Koch Davis vetting process ensures a consistent and positive experience for all involved.

Koch Davis values relationships more than anything, in particular the ones we develop between clients and candidates. Placing the correct candidate requires a deep, involved, field-level understanding of both the client and the career opportunity, and only by identifying the potential which can develop for each by marrying the two together can both parties flourish unfettered. This kind of hands-on relationship often yields much more than can be determined ahead of time and is yet another exciting element of the Koch Davis program.


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